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Opera Charitas Sonvico Foundation
Performance Sia 102
31, 32, 33, 41, 51, 52, 53
Eexecution year
Investment costs

The expansion involves the demolition of the old Villa Riposo and the construction of two new buildings connected to the body of the existing Castellanza house:
New Wing rooms located to the east against the mountain, with a rounded shape that adapts to the natural conformation of the terrain and which on the First Floor forms a protected space suitable for the garden of the Alzheimer’s ward with its 19-bed ward.
New Wing of the common parts to the West, on the main garden of the house, with the administrative contents, the worship space and on the First Floor the dining room, cafeteria and multipurpose room for residents, panoramic with terrace overlooking the Lugano valley.
Under the structures is the basement floor, the new garage for 50 cars.
To the east is the municipal path built with the works of the elderly home, which allows you to connect the lower part of the town of Sonvico with the upper residential part.
The main garden of the house on the ground floor, open to the public, allows you to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Lugano valley with paths and seats shaded by maple trees that change the appearance of the park during the seasons. In the main garden there is also a playground for children and a gymnastic path for the residents.
On the first floor there is the protected garden of the Alzheimer’s ward equipped with trees, a vegetable garden, rest areas and endless paths.
The existing Castellanza house building has been completely renovated according to the new construction standards for senior homes. All the services of the house such as industrial kitchen, pharmacy, doctor’s office, physiotherapy, laundry, have been completely renovated and adapted to the new construction standards.
All new buildings (of which the construction demand dates back to 2010, comply with the Regulation on the use of energy (RUEn).
The architecture of the new buildings integrates with the landscape context of the Sonvico nucleus that overlooks it and incorporates the finishes of the house that has been renovated with a new architectural reinterpretation.

The total beds of the new structure are 101.