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Casa San Rocco Morbio Inferiore Foundation
Eexecution year

The project area in the center of Coldrerio is characterized by important public activities that are not connected to each other. The designed building allows the area to be redeveloped by defining an important square that serves as a reference. The building is a unitary volume. With a single gesture, its shape, in addition to defining the square as a public area par excellence, also characterizes others: the area of ​​the elementary school, the park of the elderly home, the public green park between the nursery school and the elderly home.
– The new square is a living space that allows people who live Coldrerio to meet at any hour of the day: in the morning and in the afternoon, parents and grandparents who take the children to the nursery, kindergarten and elementary school; during the morning and afternoon it is frequented by people who use the commercial and therapeutic services of the elderly home, the library and in the evening by all those associations that make use of the functions of the municipal multipurpose center.
– The elementary school area continues to have its own connotation, also strengthened by the fact that its pitch, delimited by the new building, at different times can be used by premises such as the nursery and pre-kindergarten, maintaining the main function of play area of ​​elementary school.
– The park of the elderly home is built in a protected and reserved place with respect to the public spaces of the square, it takes advantage of the jump in altitude of the existing land and is therefore accessible from the community rooms of the living room dining room exhale multipurpose on the first floor from the elderly home. The design of the trees and the bowling green create shaded areas and different moments in the day and in the seasons.
– The Alzheimer garden is a natural continuation of the elderly park divided by a dense mesh of green so as to create an intimate area in which the infinite path is visible in every visible point. Small rest areas are planned along the route to guarantee the traveler different experiences along the way – The public green between the nursery school and the elderly home is another public park where children can play while grandparents and parents meet on the square. Conceptually and physically this place is an extension of the public square.

Competition result: not classified.