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Consortium Casa Anziani Alto Vedeggio Mezzovico
Performance Sia 102
31, 32, 33
Eexecution year

The central building of the Alto Vedeggio elderly home owned by the municipalities of Isone, Mezzovico-Vira and Monteceneri was built in the 1980s. The first resident was admitted in April 1988.
The structure is solid and well maintained, has 48 single rooms, common areas such as the dining room, bar, areas dedicated to therapies, offices and rooms dedicated to household services (laundry and ironing), the kitchen, changing rooms and rooms technicians.
In June 2010, the new wing was opened with the protected unit with 19 rooms (including 5 doubles), which houses 24 residents. In addition to the operating rooms, the department has a winter garden and an outdoor garden. In the basement there are warehouses, a workshop, a garage and technical rooms.

In order to ensure an efficient and effective structure, it is necessary to think and develop a concept of maintenance and modernization that takes into account the new operational needs, ensuring the community a property ready to welcome future residents in up-to-date premises.
At the moment the structure, despite the constant maintenance carried out by the employees of the Casa Anziani and by external companies, is starting to feel the weight of the years and it is desirable to renovate the spaces over the next few years.
It is necessary to take into account the future evolution of the regional and demographic context, evaluate any opportunities or needs for the development of services provided to the population.

Following the analyzes above, an expansion of the beds in the structure and a reorganization was envisaged to optimize the management of residents and staff in the various departments, to make the services that can be open to external requests independent, a significant strengthening of the department protected and the addition of two new services that allow the complex to increase the offer and at the same time offer intergenerational contact useful to all users: A Day Somatic Therapeutic Center and a Nursery.

The departments are completely reorganized on a single level and equipped with all the necessary services. The number of beds is also increased by taking advantage of the niches located on the north and west sides of the building. The vertical connections from the new main entrance are reorganized to make the departments completely autonomous and at the same time allow access to all services open to the public so as not to enter the departments.
Community services and home services are also reorganized and enhanced in terms of increasing the number of guests.

The final structure of the structure foresees 95 beds distributed in 3 departments of 23-24 places and the roof section of 24 beds.